We take action to create a thriving ecosystem for investors, entrepreneurs and talents.

FQ and Investment Wisdom 

Jews, the wealthiest people on earth, have been taught with the wisdom of making money from an early age, and this wisdom is Financial Quotient (FQ) and Investment Wisdom.

The investment course summarizes the secrets of all the rich from ancient times to the present, combining with the wisdom of Jews. Through the immersive experience program, you will learn the true meaning of investment and become a true investor.

Investor Networking Party

At the end of each quarter, GAC holds a series of social gatherings to meet their needs of business opportunity, talent introduction, capital matching and global networking.

Angel Pitch

Angel Pitch is an exclusive activity created for GAC entrepreneur members. It helps entrepreneurs from three aspects- PEOPLE, BUSINESS, CAPITAL.

Global Entrepreneur Summit

The 3 highlights:

1. The content of the forum is definitely the one. Speakers share the most important issues for the business.

2. Participants are entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. The best way for expand your network and overseas cooperation.

3. The perfect opportunity for companies to expand the brand awareness.

Overseas Investment Delegation

Every year, GAC leads corporate investors to go overseas to find business opportunities. So far, we have been to India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries. The journey will continue and we will keep connecting more angels! Come join us!

FQ Lecture Cooperating with Charity

We hold free lectures with NPO. By sharing actual cases, we convey the importance of Financial Quotient (FQ) and teach how to protect ourselves and help others in terms of investment.

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